Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Village On A Diet Series CBC Taylor BC

Obesity in Taylor, BC.

Call me a city slicker, but I had never heard about Taylor, BC until watching this new CBC series called, 'Village on a Diet,' the village being the small town of Taylor, way up north, about 16 hours from Vancouver.

Apparently, there is a serious obesity issue in the town, enough of an issue that the CBC decided to make a weight loss reality series documenting the lives of several overweight families. A team of experts -- a doctor, dietitian, chef, and personal trainer -- descend on the town to lend their time and skills to help the town get in shape.

Nowhere is this health crisis more critical than in Taylor, B.C. — a small town with a very big problem: over 60 percent of its population is overweight or obese. Collectively, they've vowed to lose literally a ton of weight in just three grueling months. To help motivate and educate them, a die-hard team of experts has come to town, including a doctor, dietitian, chef, psychologist and two of the most hardcore trainers Canada has ever seen. On top of dramatically overhauling their lifestyles, each week the people of Taylor will face tough new diets and fitness challenges that challenge their commitment to losing weight.

Watching these people pig out on chips, pizza, and pasta, is pretty entertaining. They all seem to freak out at the sight of vegetables, and having to do exercise. Of course, the stubborn townspeople give the so-called 'experts' a hard time during this whole process, which is hilarious.

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