Monday, May 03, 2010

Qeeology Exhibit - May 7th Lincoln, NE at Marz Bar


Toy2R USA proudly presents the artist line-up for Qeeology 2.5 on May 7th in Lincoln, NE:

Pocket Wookie, RSIN, Plaseebo, DrilOne, Leecifer, WuzOne, Gawein Customs, OsirisOrion, Tony Depew, Aaron Jarzynka, Albert Art, babyvtec, Sneaky Raccoon, Fried Gold Productions, Audrey Smith, Ben Swift, Lysol 13, B.A.L.D., Caroline David, Robot Luv, Cathy Solarano, Chris Dyer, KiLL!, Chris.o.saur, ciah-ciah, Colin Mohnacs, CRZ PRZ, Drew Hoffman, Erik Jorgensen, SINNED, Slobot, Dr. Krinkles, Hans Yim, A Little Stranger, Fuller Designs, Jamie Fales, Jan Huling, Jason Ables, Bleeding Edges, Jeremie Memming, Jim Koch, Joe Scarano, Oakley Jason, Rampage Toys, Joemm Blanche, Kelly Vetter, Acrylicana, Kim Mayhem, Kyle Meyer, Larry Greyczik, Barry O’Neil, Groucho, Lisa Rae Hansen, I Got Sole, Matt Connelly, Nicole Gustafsson, Owen Dewitt, Peter Worth, Quan Vu, Phil T Hunter, Blinky, Rio McCarthy, Roger Buchholz, Ryan Glass, Droppixel, Sandra Sommers, William Long, Monsterbot Studios, Scott Sauer, Todd Robertson, Ryan Minard, Valerie Gudell, and Ryan Holt

An amazing roster of talent!

1140 O Street Lincoln, NE 68508, United States (402) 474-6279

Be here to check out the great custom toys from many artists, including myself!

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