Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics short video experiment

New Project

So, I'm working on a new short film project, while Lazy Susan is out there trying for festivals, and while CREEP is getting it's post audio mix and music done, I wanted to try something a little more raw, and unscripted. The project -- which I like to title "Vancouver 2010" -- centers on Vancouver, as a cosmopolitan city, with a seedy underbelly. The great divide between the rich and the poor becomes a focus of the film, but I'm hoping it doesn't come off as an entirely bleak pov.

The video below, was shot as an accompanying piece to the actual film. This may or may not be included in the final cut, which will be less about testimonials, and more about the city, just speaking for itself. If that makes any sense.

The interview is with a local resident of the downtown eastside community. He basically speaks about his issues trying to find support for his condition, and difficult situation. For those in Vancouver, that actually know about the downtown eastside, and hang out in the very diverse area, this issue with the drug ridden, poverty stricken people, is a hot topic especially with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics just weeks away.

The downtown eastside, and the east Vancouver area in general is great. There is a neat art community, restaurants, and lots of Vancouver history in the eastside, that unfortunately has been overshadowed by the image of the less fortunate.

In any case, please watch this interview, and stay tuned for the actual full short coming next month.

Vancouver 2010 - Downtown Eastside Perspective interview from Albert Art on Vimeo.

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