Sunday, February 22, 2009

PENNY ARCADE EXPO 2009 Pre-registration ONLINE NOW

PAX 2009 Registration online NOW!

Pre-Registration for the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo (Sept 4-6) was announced last week on February 18th, and with six months away until the gamer expo hits the Seattle Convention Center for a third time since departing from Bellevue, it's never too soon to start planning.

This time around it seems that the organizers paid some attention to the cries from attendees of PAX 2008, because now they're planning to place limits on badges. Many complaints from the previous years revolved around the lineups in the exhibit hall, overflow of crowds, and media presence, which dampened the spirits of some expo-goers who didn't expect the expos growth to affect their enjoyment. Obviously with the popularity of the event growing each year, PAX will never be the same as it was in it's first few years.So get your badges/passes/plane, train, or bus tickets/hotel reservations, as soon as possible! On the plus side, San Diego Comic-Con is 10 times worse than PAX in terms of crowds.

Now I'm not too concerned with early registration. In fact I haven't even been thinking about registering for PAX. It's on my list of conventions to attend this year, but there's so much going on in the months prior to PAX that it's not a high priority just yet. I've been going to the expo since 2005, and thinking back to other years, I've always got my passes closer to the actual date, and in a sense quite late compared to other people. I've always managed to get in though, so unless something terrible happens in 09 that prevents me from going, I will be at PAX, late registration or not. This year sounds like it might be a different story though, so I may register in the next few days.

To-do: Register for PAX. Register for San Diego Comic-Con.

No GDC09.

I'm unfortunately cutting the Game Developers Conference (March 23-27) out of my cons to attend this year, saving up for a trip to Hawaii in the summer, as well as another trip to the great San Diego Comic-con, and whatever else might come up. I'm bummed I'm gonna miss out on all the educational talks, entertaining games, and crazy ass late-night happenings at GDC after hours (drunk, open bar). Those really important "networking" events. HAHA!

GDC is awesome. Maybe I'll go back in 2010.

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