Friday, February 06, 2009

Global Game Jam Vancouver photos

Additional pictures from the final day of the event.

Overall the jam was a success with many participants coming away with solid prototypes, new collaborators, and inspiration to last them through the year. 48 hours to make a functional game with total strangers... all the game jam participants proved it was possible. Some had professional experience, others were students, or graduates of various University or tech school game design programs. In the end it didn't matter what your background was, as long as you were able to contribute to the project. A good example of how the game industry functions.

GameCareerGuide also posted a short summary about the game jams from around the world.

Most notably, Team Treelings (pictured above), came away with what judges considered to be the most complete of all the games. Players play a vine which must navigate through obstacles to reach the top of the level, in a cute traditionally animated style that brought to mind Sonic the Hedgehog, and NiGHTs with the versatile movement of the vine.

Be sure to play these games at the Global Game Jam site.

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