Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Join the Global Game Jam

Think You're a Game Designer? Prove it!

Are you an artist, programmer, or designer? The Global Game Jam is going down this weekend, all over the world. Participants put together a small team and from Jan 30th to Feb 1st, develop a fully functional game within 48 Hours. It's encouraged that you form the team on the spot, with people you've never met before. Here in Vancouver, the game jam will be hosted at Simon Fraser University downtown Campus.

Though I'm not participating in the madness, I'll be writing up the event for the GameCareerGuide, which will be running a feature article with coverage from worldwide. Stay tuned for that.

Are you up to the challenge?

Albany, NY, USA Albuquerque, NM, USA Angouleme, France Ankara, Turkey Antwerp, Belgium Athens, GA, USA Atlanta, GA, USA - SCAD Atlanta, GA, USA - SPSU Austin, TX, USA Baltimore, MD, USA Boston, MA, USA Cape Town, South Africa Caracas, Venezuela Charlotte, NC, USA Chicago, IL, USA Concord, NH, USA Copenhagen, Denmark Detroit, MI, USA Dunedin, New Zealand Erlangen, Germany Glasgow, Scotland Hamar, Norway Hamilton, New Zealand Kyoto, Japan London, England Los Angeles, CA, USA Madison, SD, USA Madrid, Spain New York, NY, USA - Columbia New York, NY, USA - NYU Newport, Wales Orlando, FL, USA Ottawa, Canada Paris, France Perth, Australia Pittsburgh, PA, USA Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC, USA Recife, Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Rockville, MD, USA San Francisco-Silicon Valley, CA, USA San Jose, Costa Rica Santa Cruz, CA, USA Sao Carlos, Brasil Sault Ste Marie, Canada Savannah, GA, USA Tel Aviv, Israel Test Location Thurles, Ireland Toronto, Canada Utrecht, Netherlands Vancouver, Canada Vilnius, Lithuania Waco, TX, USA

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