Friday, September 05, 2008

Suckage in Seattle

Awful Chinese food, and lack of electronic stores in downtown.

When I first arrived in Seattle for PAX it was pretty late, the drive ended up being longer than I thought because of the Canada/USA border crossing delays, odd sunny-rainy weather, and the traffic issues it caused. Hungry and being somewhat familiar with certain landmarks in downtown, I ended up going to Chinatown thinking that I'd be able to eat at the Japanese market Uwajimaya, (The foodcourt has multicultural cuisine). Though by the time I got there, it was practically closed. Plan B was to eat somewhere in the area, since most Chinatowns kick ass, and Asian restaurants typically stay open late.

There was this one restaurant that I had been meaning to go to since my last trip to Seattle, so I decided to check it out. It was pretty packed, and it seemed to be a popular spot, hungry we (my dad came along to PAX) proceeded inside. Everything seemed cool, I look at the menu, and I was surprised to see they had fried brown rice, rather than the usual fried rice. Taken by the idea, I ordered it, along with some noodle dish. At this point I was really excited about the food, until not even 2 minutes later, the waitress brings out the food. I was kinda shocked at how fast they "cooked" it.

The food was luke warm, like it had been sitting under a heat lamp for hours, and it had a flavor of cheap soy sauce, lard, and just general shit quality. I was disgusted. I take a look around, and I see everyone enjoying their food, the thing is, there weren't any Asians eating. Usually the lack of Asians at an Asian restaurant is a bad thing. I should have noticed sooner. I tried to eat as much as I could, but I got to a point where subjecting myself to such an atrocious meal was morally wrong.

I flagged the woman down for the bill, tossed some cash on the table, and literally walked out as she was ready to pour more tea. Worst fucking Chinese food evar. Even worse than Panda Express.

When I told a friend of mine who used to live in Seattle what had happened, he himself agreed that Chinese food in Seattle is utter crap. He used to drive all the way back to Vancouver just to get a good meal. And he's absolutely right. Here in Vancouver we have some really kick ass cuisine, in fact we're spoiled. After this bad experience in Seattle, it makes me appreciate Vancouver even more.

This place was on the corner of S. Weller and 6th. Avoid at all costs.

Another thing that bugged me about Seattle was the lack of electronic stores in the downtown core, specifically around the convention center, and Seattle Center. I wanted to buy something for my ipod, but there wasn't an Apple Store, or Best Buy, in the area. Really annoying considering Vancouver has multiple electronic stores within short distances of each other.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Seattle, and these minor quibbles are just that, minor. Seattle's great, and I'll post my thoughts on Bumbershoot coming up next.

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