Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Stuff - Klasik Vintage Sunglasses
Vintage Sunglasses and Vintage Eyewear from Klasik.Org

So I bought a pair of shades for the summer online at a place called, thinking that I'd only be able to use them for a couple weeks, then the gray weather would return to Vancouver, which is typical of the Northwest seasonal change. Surprisingly it's been sunny lately, and the temperature has been pretty mild, so busting out with some sweet shades is required.

I don't buy sunglasses often. The last time I bought sunglasses was back in high-school. My head just doesn't look good in certain styles of sunglasses so I've always been hesitant to try them on. I also couldn't find a place in the city that had a particular style I was looking for, at reasonable prices. Overpriced for sure in Vancouver, I looked online. I didn't want anything that anyone else had, and jumping on the played out Ray-Ban Wayfarer trend (which is big in Vancouver), was out of the question.

I definitely took a risk buying sunglasses online without trying them on first, but oh well, they look great. I actually emailed them asking for different angles of the glasses so I could photoshop them to my face, as the closest thing to trying them on. They actually sent me professional photos back. That's pretty nice of them.

I had to pop out the original lenses though for my prescription, which the lab also matched the same tint. Looks great!

I was also added to the list of Happy Customers, featured on their site! The glasses were shipped within a week, and packed pretty securely. Fast and good communication with the team at Klasik, which is based in the UK... meaning you pay in pounds. I might just pick up another pair. They specialize in real vintage glasses, and not cheap remakes. Some glasses have some minor damage and fading to them, but that just goes to show, they deal with the real thing.

Over-sized ridiculousness sunglasses. Awesome.

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