Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PAX 08 will have my divided attention this year.

Penny Arcade Expo, and Bumbershoot.

Here I thought that I'd be sick of geek conventions after enduring the ridiculousness of San Diego Comic-Con, but it looks like I'll be attending PAX after all... Just not in it's entirety.

This year my trip to the Penny Arcade Expo will be a slightly different experience from years prior. For one thing, my brother's not gonna be around, and neither is my sister which I'm totally bummed about. Though surprisingly, many of my friends, and co-workers are planning to go, even though previous years they had no idea what PAX was. Now that they're all familiar with what PAX is all about, they're eager to go on a road trip to Seattle. And so I was convinced to go after I had planned on skipping out on PAX this year. To make things even more different, I won't be at PAX the whole time. I was swayed to buy a pass to the Music festival Bumbershoot going on the same time.

Though the concert lineup isn't packed with awesomeness, there are a few acts that I did want to see like Beck, Estelle, Keyshia Cole, T.I., Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring, Bedouin Soundclash, Death Cab For Cutie, Dan Deacon, The Weakerthans and a few others. Oh wait, that's actually a lot for 3 days.

In any case, I'll be spending time at both events. I fear PAX will take a back seat this year, but oh well. Better to be there, than to not be there at all.

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