Saturday, August 02, 2008

Comic-Con 08 Goodies - Biskup, Mignola, Dob, Wood

Another reason to go to Comic-Con... aside from the panels.

An autographed sketchbook by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, sweet t-shirts from Biskup, Luey vinyl from Bob Dob, and some books from Ashley Wood, all this doesn't really count as Convention Schwag since what I picked up at the exhibit floor was well, paid for. Getting the good stuff from some of the artists I admired was my priority, the free shit came later, or not at all. Buying stuff, isn't that the point of Comic-Con?

I decided I wasn't going to carry around a bunch of free stuff that I didn't really care about, and that would probably make getting around the crowded convention difficult. There were so many people with these ugly massive bags that looked like they could fit a human body. Don't get me wrong, there was no shortage of schwag being handed out, I just wasn't interested in being part of the stupid crowds fighting for posters and other items.

I spent the last day at the Con making sure I got to the booths I wanted to see. Unfortunately I had missed several of the artists I wanted to meet, so I couldn't get what I purchased signed. I'm all for supporting the artists, but it's not like these people in particular need our money. They do just fine with their businesses and brands. The good thing though was that prices were much cheaper than those in Canada!

On the other hand, some of the stuff at the Con such as autographed signings by actors are pretty overpriced!

Like this autographed photo by Star Trek: The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis. She was a pretty approachable person, who still looks hot after so many years and when I asked her what she thought about the "Enterprise" series, she gave me this double take stare, saying she couldn't say anything about it while the Paramount guys were lurking over her shoulder. We laughed. $25.

Stopping by the Gama-Go booth was non-negotiable. It was a must. I picked up a few shirts, including this exclusive Comic-Con tee. Cool beans! $70 + taxes

I almost missed the chance to meet Mignola, but thankfully before he got up to go a crowd swarmed the booth. I bought one of the last small sketchbooks he had, since all the prints were sold out.

Sometimes I'm at a loss for words when meeting uber people, I said something so typical of a fanboy, "I'm such a huge fan." He replied, "You don't look so huge," and I laughed. Then I asked him "what was it like working with..." The name of Guillermo del toro totally slipped my mind, and I paused to think of his name for a few seconds. He probably thought I was retarded and not so much of a fan after all. He signed my sketchbook. $20.

I stopped by the STRANGECO booth to see if Bob Dob was around, but he wasn't, so I bought a Drinking Luey and a STRANGECO tee. $40ish

I apparently missed Ashley Wood by a few minutes when I was at the IDW booth. I was hoping to get him to sign something, but oh well. Maybe next year. $18!

As for Free schwag... I got this just for standing in front of the Stargate Gate... Apparently you're supposed to stand there until one of the characters from the show announces you've won. And I won! Effortlessly. I guess they're trying to get rid of this ugly character.

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