Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Summer Movie Blockbusters bring out the annoying moviegoer in all of us.

Dude can't shut up for shit, and is it me or are there way too many commercials?

It's that time of the year again. The time when I find myself bitching about the humorous things that happen in theaters during the summer movie craze, from the guy who can't shut up, to the amount of commercials preceding a film, it's definitely the blockbuster time.

Especially when a movie is as anticipated as ones based on comicbook characters, there are very enthusiastic fans in the audience, some who like to let their presence, and intellect be known to the entire theater.

I caught Iron Man over the weekend, and as expected there was a guy in the row behind me that just wouldn't shut up. He spoke mostly during the commercials thank god, but still, this is the type of character I'd prefer to not sit near. In this case I had no choice, since the available seating was limited. I almost burst out laughing after the Happiness Factory Coke commercial (which was cut like a movie trailer) the guy says out loud, "no, that's not a movie". Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Totally, A.D.D. trying hard for attention. I turn around and he's like in his Forties. Then the commercials kept going and going. Then the coming soon trailers, and he just kept adding his 2 cents in between each one, like people actually cared to hear what he had to say. He wasn't even funny. In fact he wasn't even trying to be funny. I mean I've threw out comments in the dark before, but still this guy was retarded.

Like the majority of everyone else who's seen the movie, I enjoyed it. It could have been worse, a lot worse, like Dare Devil worse. Surprisingly, I never felt removed enough from the movie to actually think it was bad, meaning it held my interest, believing that Robert "Druggy" Downey Jr. was a rich man with everything, yet nothing. There are certain things that I found slightly hard to believe, like Stark constructing a fully functional suit in a cave, and the fact that he's actually that intelligent. Then again, the comicbook says he's a genius inventor, who am I to dispute that. It was a total MacGyver on crack escape attempt!

Though, when I first heard Downey would play the role of Tony Stark, I thought it was one of those early rumors that would fade away as the movie became more fleshed out in development. Like when Nicolas "balding" Cage was supposed to play Superman. I didn't think Downey would actually play the role. I guess he fit in the end, but then again, how much acting did he have to do anyway? Downey's Tony Stark is basically Downey, minus the drug use, and strange bi-polar behavior. Personality-wise the actor definitely made the character, they were meant for each other.

The Iron Man suit looked awesome, and I love the holographic effects in Starks workshop. Very cool. Also the addition of the funny fire extinguishing robot was awesome. Of course I knew beforehand to stay after the credits to see a cameo of Sam Jackson, who'll be in the next movie. It reminded me of the scene at the end of Dare Devil, in a way. Whatever happened to Bullseye... does anyone know, does anyone care? Dumbest character ever.

Did anyone else notice the Blackbird on Iron Man's HUD during his test flight in the sky?

In any case, there are plenty more movies I'm looking forward to, and plenty more irritating moviegoers to endure. Yay, the summer has arrived! Speed Racer Go!

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