Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Sneaker Confidential" Documentary, for the shoe lover in all of us...

Sneaker fans, Sneaker lovers, Sneakerheads, or simply those with Sneaker Fetish, need to watch this!

I've always said that the CBC has some kick ass documentaries, and this one is no exception. For all you fans of the Sneaker, whether an athlete, or a fan of a good looking shoe, Sneaker Confidential is a great way to get introduced to the pop culture trend of sneaker collecting.

Shoes from $14 to $9000, the doc covers the culture from the street, to athletics through interviews and historical footage.

Watch the full movie over at the CBC., and be sure to check out the other films in the "Confidential" series.

I've always been a fan of a cool sneaker, a sick shoe that feels and looks good. My brother and I used to rock the Air Jordan's back in elementary, bugging our dad to buy us the shoes, and Air Jordan's definitely weren't cheap back then or now. It's a good thing we were beat up for our shoes.

Shoes are definitely a status symbol, like an expensive suit, a car or eyeglasses, so it's no surprise that sneakers have become a huge phenomena for collectors, or people looking to "look" expensive. For those who can afford to drop the cash on a pair of rare limited edition shoes, there's certainly plenty of exclusive boutiques to pick up a pair as shown in the doc Sneaker Confidential. Though I don't buy a pair of shoes every week, or month for that matter, I do understand the need for a good pair of shoes, that are unique. I wouldn't consider myself a collector, but more so a fan. Some of those people in the doc are pretty hardcore with their love for shoes.

It's a culture of materialism, that celebrates Brand names and major corporations with factories operating out of Asia and cheap labor. Most of the time that is. No Asian shoe factories were shown in the doc, I wonder why? (It would have ended up being a child labor documentary rather than on shoe culture.) I don't like the idea of sweatshops, but if I see a nice pair of shoes, I'd consider buying them. Brand names are unavoidable though I wouldn't pay over $200 for shoes. These days I've been rocking the Adidas, and even Circa, admittedly I haven't bought Nike's in a long time.

I've always wanted to customize stuff as a child, I remember doing custom color designs on a Nintendo Gameboy template in an issue of Nintendo Power. This was before the release of the assorted colored Gameboys. Customizing vinyl toys is fun too, but who knows, I might start customizing shoes one of these days LOL.

Check out this very cool animated commercial on the History of Adidas:

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