Tuesday, March 11, 2008

GDC '08 - Go Go Break Steady

A unique game for the XBLA. The debut of Go Go break Steady.

Somewhere in the crowded North Hall lobby at GDC this year, was a game that seemingly flew under the radar to most conference goers, yet it still managed to draw some attention with it's hybrid rhythm and puzzle based gameplay. It stood out from the rest of the Microsoft games branched under the XNA umbrella. And though this particular title wasn't developed using XNA tools, it shared a space alongside the rest of them; games like The Dishwasher, and some atrocious sheep-herding dog game.

Go Go Break Steady combines hand-drawn animation with a break dancing theme, in a package that should interest fans of the puzzle, and rhythm game genre looking for some fresh entertainment on their 360. There's enough Button combination tapping and puzzle piece placement to keep players interested. It fits into that Casual gamer niche perfectly. Developed by Vancouver based Little Boy Games, the pre-release version on display at the conference was obviously still a work in progress, with an estimated release date of summertime for the XBLA. Gamers should definitely keep an eye on this title. Telling from the early previews from different sites, and by asking conference goers who've tried Go Go, the game has been positively received for the most part, but it needs a little more punch to take it to the next level. Don't listen to me or anyone else though, you be the judge and demo the game when it becomes available.

Having been somewhat part of the games production since 2006, it's been fun seeing how two ex-Electronic Arts software engineers have slowly but surely become a startup indie game development company, working out of their basement no less. The game's almost there! In an article I wrote for the Game Career Guide, the Little Boy Games team contribute their thoughts on being an indie startup in today's industry, with multiple outlets of getting their games to consumers. Read it here. The blood, sweat and sacrifice (financial or otherwise) of indie game development is best embodied by the team at Little Boy Games. They're totally "indie", which is why you should support them!

Be sure to check out the Little Boy Games Blog for updates. Definitely let the team know you wanna try (and buy) the game!

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