Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WonderCon '08: X-files Movie Panel

Saturday @ WonderCon pt.2

Is it me or does Gillian Anderson look much younger, and hotter than she ever was on the X-Files? She ages pretty well, I'd say.

The return of Scully and Mulder drew a packed audience in Hall A of the Masone conference center. After a rather unexciting opening panel with cast members from the Asian-horror film remake "Shutter", Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny -- fresh from filming in Vancouver -- made their way to the stage. As expected the massive crowd went insanely wild.

After the crowd had settled down, they took questions from the audience. Some were funny, others more intelligent. One person asked "what do you believe?"... Perhaps too deep of a question, the actors didn't know how to respond, and awkwardly waited for the next question. He was apparently dressed as Link from The Legend of Zelda, and made the actors laugh out of confusion. I was pretty far away so I couldn't see the complete Link getup. (Did anyone get a picture of him?) They apparently had no idea who the video game character was. Gillian Anderson joked "Is that a fetish?" referring to the costume.

Being unable to find a seat I was left to stand for an hour and a half (counting the previous Pixar Wall-E presentation by Andrew Stanton). I took video of various parts throughout the panel and uploaded it all to youtube. It's actually 9 parts, a bit too much to post here, but if you get the time, check it out.

In the last part of the panel, the panelists gave their final remarks. More X-Files movies? Lets see how this next one does first. Telling from the trailer it looks like a commercial for an episode, not so much a movie. Either way I'm glad the X-files hasn't remained buried. It's about time for a comeback!

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