Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ready to share some good stuff from GDC and WonderCon. And some thoughts on San Francisco...

So finally I can update this blog after a hectic but educational, (and entertaining) week in Frisco at this year's Game Developers Conference. I was planning on posting updates from my adventures throughout the 7 days, but being that there was constantly something keeping me busy, I never really got around to doing it since I never had the time to sit down and actually write something.

I suppose it's a little late to do a LIVE chronological run down of events, so you'll have to deal with random GDC/WonderCon posts. Perhaps in reverse starting with WonderCon and working my way back, or whatever I feel is a 'priority' topic for posting. Besides that chronological stuff is BO-ring. What to expect?? Lots of indie gaming, 1UP antics, Pixar tour, X-files, Street Fighter IV, and MORE!

Might I add, I just got off the plane, and am unpacking stuff at home here in Vancouver. After my Saturday flight was delayed due to shitty weather, I flew in early this morning to clear skies in Vancouver. BTW, if you didn't know already... United SUCKS! And boy am I glad to be back in Vancouver. No offense to my peoples in Frisco, but the downtown core really stinks like shit (the sewage). Also the homeless people are ruder than usual (or is it Canadian homeless are nicer?). I turned down one guy who asked me for some change, and he started yelling and swearing at me. Not cool. Insulting those with cash, will not get you money, buddy. Another thing that bothered me was the BART. I know, I know, people think it's the ultimate transit system, sure it's fast and goes far and wide in the Bay Area, but WTF? The whole payment system, the lack of machines, and MAPS causes mass confusion to out of town travelers. Compared to Vancouver's SkyTrain, the BART seems totally prehistoric. Which makes me think of how the SkyTrain and Vancouver in general will be a few years down the line with the mass expansion of the transit system, and the booming growth of the downtown area. Will Vancouver end up being more like San Francisco? The negative aspects of it.

But enough about that, lets get to the good stuff. More Posts to follow!

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