Thursday, November 08, 2007

Online Music made easy with NPR Music Beta, and CBC Radio 3

For those who sit at a computer all day long as a requirement to their jobs, having access to music, podcasts or other audio is important to getting through the workload. Fortunately, the internet is home to a variety of sites that offer exactly that. Two of my favorites include NPR and CBC Radio 3. And no, it's not just old people talking about classical music. Not that there's a problem with that.

Another Reason to Love NPR

National Public Radio ( has recently upgraded their music site with NPR Music (Beta). The site which features a slick new design, and revamped pop-up player and play-list, is a huge improvement over its previous version -- a version which was not focused as a distinct part of the NPR site. Though, now it is. Streaming music, news, and other audio is simplified, and customizable to the listeners taste without the need for a registration login. All Songs Considered, and Song of The Day are always worth checking out on NPR.

Featured Favorite: The Go! Team

Best of Canadian Indie Music, all on one site.

CBC Radio 3, (or is the central hub for all indie rock, hip-hop, and other musical genres. The site has recently been through an upgrade, featuring live shows hosted by CBC radio personalities, but most notably the embed feature of their radio player is pretty nifty as well. There is an option to register for the site, but it isn't a requirement to enjoy the HUGE selection of music. With a directory of bands and a sick amount of songs available, it's just too good. New Pornographers, The Arcade Fire, Tegan and Sara, Metric, You Say Party! We Say Die! Broken Social Scene, Bedouin Soundclash, Bend Sinister, Stars, Feist, Buck65 and more. Sorry no Nickelback here... thank gawd.

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