Saturday, September 08, 2007

k-Os music

One of the more entertaining concerts I've been to in recent times took place last Saturday at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. The great Canadian Hip-Hop musical superstar and break-beat guru,K-Os or as he refers to himself nowadays "K Dash", performed for a packed show, literally rocking the entire park.... and you know how big Stanley Park is. Tickets were quite affordable at around $40 each, and featured an opening act of You Say Party! We Say Die! the 80's inspired dance pop band from Vancouver.

Though the concert as a whole was entertaining, there was something about the vibe K-Os was giving off that I found odd. At times he seemed lazy during sets, kinda bored, some of his jokes fell flat, and well, though the audience clearly enjoyed the music, K-os seemed like he wasn't feeling Vancouver, even if he was name droppin' 'Burnaby' during freestyle sessions. Maybe it's because the crowd wasn't as crazy as say the peeps in Toronto. I mean, the audience could have been more receptive to the performer for sure. There were children and old ladies, and stoners too, so maybe that's why the crowd just wasn't giving back, as much as the core K-Os demographic... whatever that is. B-boys and B-girls? Yet K-os tried his best. At least that's what I hope.

His music is no doubt awesome, and hearing it live with the rock/rap guitar infused beats had everyone jumping. The guitar solo's were awesome and the variety of international drums added to the culturally inspired music style.

It was a good show. My friends and I had fun. It could have been better, and K-Os could have been less of a bored snob. As an Entertainer, it's his damn job to do his best, to please the people who paid to see him. Yet he must have been having one of those days...

In any case, it's cool. One of my buddies (who's a programmer at Acronym Games) was impressed with You Say Party! We Say Die!, in fact he was so impressed with them that he imagined their music in a video game. Hmmm.

Give K-Os, and You Say Party! We Say Die! a musical try!

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