Sunday, July 22, 2007

How the power of the internet connects Journalists with stuff to write about.

When I posted my friends Transformers collection a while back on my uber site The Rez, I had no idea it would attract the attention of a reporter from 24hrs, a nation-wide Canadian newspaper. I'm not sure if it was the youtube footage I uploaded of the Transformers toys, or the technorati link to the post or even the Digg plug, but somehow the reporter for the print publication found my site, and liked my post enough to do a story on my friend. Strangely enough, I was contacted through another sites messaging system, that wasn't made public on "The Rez" nor anywhere else for that matter, which was surprising to say the least. It's the internet, seems like anyone can track you down. In any case, I gave the reporter the contact info of my friend and they went over to his place to take some pics and to do an interview which appeared in the newspaper not too long after.

Yay I made someone famous. Now his mom can't say collecting toys was a waste of time.

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