Saturday, June 23, 2007

Black Stickynote art, Jamglue, Ratatouille and Transformers almost here.
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Back to Black

I recently finished up some more videogame themed stickynote art for the Stickynote Theatre site. This time around though, I thought I'd try something a little different, coloring the entire note with black Sharpie Marker, then drawing on top of it with a white pencil and Witeout. And it turned out pretty neato!

The witeout itself really pops on the dark background, but I realized that the black sharpie isn't that black after all. When scanning the stickynotes into the computer, the black sharpie appears dark brownish. But that's okay, I still love them sharpies.

Remember how back in High School kids used to use Witeout to vandalize school property and/or draw on their friends backpacks? Well, Witeout has officially made a comeback for those poor minimalist artists who have only a few tools on hand. Hey it's cheap stuff, and it goes with he whole office supply theme that stickynotes represent.

Jamglue: Online musical collaborations the future of the Remix?

So a while ago I was listening to an NPR article about a site called Jamglue. A site where users can upload and modify songs but most of all share their mixes with other users to create a wicked sweet track... or several tracks at that.

Using The Submarines "Peace & Hate" song as an example, the interface should be familiar to anyone who's used an audio editing program such as Pro Tools or Sound Forge, or even Adobe Premiere. Jamglue provides the tools to do a decent mix so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg for some crazy highend software.

If you make Music definitely give this site a try!

Transformers the NEW Movie approaches, but not before Ratatouille

It seems like the enthusiasm people once had for Michael Bay's Transformers has been dwindling as we get closer and closer to the day it hits theaters. Haha I know... people were actually enthusiatic for it? Well yeah, people like me.

A popcorn summer flick indeed, I will be watching the movie, with low expectations. I wanna see crazy action and freaking transforming robots rollerblading on the freaking freeway, and I know I'm going to get just that. The last summer flick I saw was Spidey 3, so hopefully the Transformers can wash that bad taste from my mouth.

Oh wait, but Ratatouille comes out on the 29th. This movie looks incredible and as we've all come to expect, Pixar won't disappoint. High expectations riding on this one.

Creme de la Creme. I can't wait for thier next film Wall-E!

Oh and also on the 29th.. the iphone... Anyone buying it? It sure as heck ain't coming to Canada anytime soon.

Nintendo Short Cuts

The Nintendo Office is hilarious but the winning film of the contest Good vs. Wiivil is pretty damn sweet.

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